10 Best Viral Marketing Tools to Generate Leads and Traffic
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Do you know what all these social media trends have in common? They all fall under viral marketing trends that brands use to their advantage. From lifestyle brands to food and beverages, every brand uses the reach and engagement of viral marketing to create a buzz, increase their visibility, and achieve other marketing goals.

Once a brand goes viral, it is one step closer to sustainable success. If you are running or planning to introduce a new brand in the market, then viral marketing is your best option to spread the word.

If you are still unsure about viral marketing, read this article to learn its benefits for your brand: 

What Is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing, as the name implies, is a marketing technique that uses existing social media channels to spread the word or to market a business offering. It could be a part of your Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, or any other digital marketing strategy.

Viral marketing derives its name from viral diseases that spread exponentially - it is a marketing technique that promotes a business offering in a way that the word gets out quickly and becomes popular.

The main purpose behind this marketing technique is not only to reach a large audience but to create awareness about what the brand and it’s offering to existing and potential customers. 

Viral Marketing Tools to Generate Leads and Traffic

Many viral marketing tools allow businesses to spread the word about its products or services from one customer to another in less time and cost.


Wishpond is not only a viral marketing tool but a complete marketing solution that brings more lead and traffic with less effort. It is the best option for businesses that aim to make different events. This tool allows you to build up to competition for the best photos or videos and even hashtags. It has sections for the management of lead generation, email marketing, and referral contest. It is a good choice for businesses, especially for those who are running online businesses or selling remotely.

 If you wish to buy Wishpond, talk to the Wishpond specialist, and they will recommend a suitable package based on your need. The official website of the tool will not tell you about the cost. You can get the required information from a 15 minutes consultation with a specialist. He will guide you on how to choose the best plan for your business development. For beginners, it is a one-stop solution.


This tool has all a business would need to target a large number of audiences through contests. We suggest Kingsumo to all kinds of businesses irrespective of their size because you can customize its offerings according to your business needs.

The best thing about this tool is the affordability. You have to pay 50 dollars only. It is also simple to use; it’s easy to create contests and campaigns by simply writing down a few guidelines about the contest and also mention the number of winners.

3.Referal Hero Master

Referral Hero, previously known as Maitre, helps a business in reaching its audience, and it comes at an affordable price. Referralhero is a worth paying tool, as it gives business more features and benefits in comparison to its price. The tool allows businesses to have a closer look at their audience. A referral campaign is easy to generate with this tool; in just a few clicks, you can generate a great, personalized campaign. It also gives an opportunity to announce competitions and coupon leads. If you are new to viral marketing, you can try Referral Hero for free for 14 days to see if it fits your need.   


Next on the list is another effective tool named vyper, which is used to generate more online leads and traffic. It is one of the best tools to make contests and a loyalty program for the business. The good thing about this is that its free in the beginning. Purchase it only if you are satisfied with its features. The tool gives two options; one is for businesses to promote 10 brands and the other for entrepreneurs for their business promotions.

The tool also comes with an anti-phishing function. The contest held with this tool is crystal clear and discourages contestants from deceiving the system and winning.  The best thing about it is that an initial startup can also start its campaign even if it has no customers. It is good for promoting a business. Vyper also helps businesses to get connected to Google Analytics to track their progress. 

5.Viral Loops

Another awesome tool is a highly reputed viral marketing tool and is considered as a ready-made solution. It comes at a relatively high price in comparison to others on the market. But the good part is that for the first 2 weeks, it is free to use. The tool comes with 3 different packages, and all of them are free for a trail. However, the users should know that when a business gets 100 participants or more, the trial time comes to an end, even before the two weeks are not yet over.


This tool is for those who do not want any limitations while running contests. A person can even run multiple campaigns and can collect an unlimited number of followers. The tool also features API, CTA, and email integration. These outstanding features make it different from the rest of the viral marketing tools.

Besides, it is affordable to buy. In just 49 Dollars per month, a business can undertake intensive viral marketing.  GrowSurf also gives a free trial period for 2 weeks for newbies.


This viral marketing tool allows a business to collect as many emails as it can. It is a fully automated tool that is used to create and track email signups and referrals. You only have to pay a yearly subscription fee, and you get unlimited viral marketing features at your fingertips. With the UnTorch tool, the users get rewards or prizes when they share the campaigns of business.


Calling gleam as a complete viral marketing tool is not wrong. This is an excellent tool that can be used by any person or business who has a social media account. The tool consists of 4 programs in a single control panel, which allows businesses to upgrade themselves. It is very simple to use and does not take more than 3 minutes to launch a contest. 

It is appropriate for creating rewarding campaigns and running contests, along with email forms, which gets the attention of recipients. In addition to the above, it also allows businesses to work on digital marketing content. A business can create high-quality content and a gallery, and much more. It also gives an option of a live gallery.


This is another good tool for generating leads ad traffic. It is a reward-based system and provides a plethora of viral marketing opportunities to a business, irrespective of its size and nature. What you will like about this tool is that if you are a newbie, you can use and check it out for 1 Dollar for a whole day throughout the week.

The tool cares about its new users and gives them plenty of options like an unlimited number of campaigns, attracting up to 10K subscribers, and email support. You know that this package is best for a newcomer. It does not forget its existing users. It has a premium-type package as well, which comes with an increase in the total number of subscribers- 100 thousand, and at one time, 10 different brands can be promoted.

10.Contest Domination

Last but not least is the Contest Domination viral marketing tool, which lets you build contests, run referral campaigns, and attract thousands of followers through newsletter signup emails. The tools do not put any limitations on referrals, social followers, and several contests. It also gives rewards to a person who shares the contests of a business.

This tool comes in an affordable price range. A business can pay per contest or pay yearly for an unlimited number of contests or plans. The good thing about it is that it comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee. If it does not suit your business requirements or if you think your business is not able to achieve its goals with this tool, the service provider is ready to pay you back.

Our Verdict

Viral marketing is probably the most powerful marketing technique to promote your business in the current century. The latest technology trends have not altered the consumer buying behavior but also compelled businesses to incorporate the latest technological marketing techniques. 

 However, viral marketing is not magic; it also needs to be properly implemented with the use of authentic viral marketing tools. The above-mentioned tools are not only affordable to buy, but you can also get a free trial period.

This is to check if the tool is appropriate to the structure of your business, and either it helps achieve business goals. However, every tool has its advantages and some limitations.

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