littel bit about love
32, Rakvere, Eesti

Love is a really strange feeling. It can create something new and destroy old things at the same time. But whatever it is, we cannot live without love! Do you agree? Most people cannot deny that when you love somebody, everything around you stops existing.  You don`t need other people to be with you (except the person you love). The weather outside doesn’t matter if they’re not with you. You don’t even notice the beauty of the world anymore. Do you know why? Because when you’re in love with somebody, this person becomes your world! Perhaps it sounds too lyrical, too outrageously poetic but people in love know this for a fact!If you think that the phrase “you are my world” is exaggerated, chances are you have never been in love. Let us explain. Once a person finds his/her true love, other people and things lose their impact immediately. It seems as if the world was created for just the two of you. Moreover, you two are the whole world and everything from beyond doesn’t really matter.

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